Sunday, April 21, 2013


NYU Paris has proven to be a lot more work than NYU New York—which is saying a lot, seeing as I am a double-major and a minor, and yet here in Paris, I am only taking classes for my French major. You'd think the workload would be a bit lighter when you are abroad, either simply because of that foreign air that somewhat drains school of its weight in comparison to the need to explore a new place, or because of an expected leniency on the part of the professors or the university. This was not the case, but of course I do share the blame since I chose classes that are heavy on reading (in French, naturally).

Anyway, these past few months have been really taxing in terms of school, especially since the semester began in January and we still haven't had spring break (April 25!!!! so soon). So when we had a weekend school trip to the south of France, it was more than welcome as a break from not only school, but also from the rainy, gloomy weather that has characterized Paris this year—a cold winter that has gone on for much too long, apparently, according to Paris's usual mild temperament. The first day of our trip was dedicated to Marseille, a city that dates back to 600 BC. And it is one of the most beautiful places I have been to yet. (I say one of, because the absolute most beautiful place I have been to is the commune called Cassis, which we visited the day after. But that will have it's own post in the coming week—stay tuned~)

I don't want to bog this down with a lot of text (spring break is near, so my laziness has been increasing steadily). So here are the pictures. Be warned—there are a lot.

The building on the right is a museum, and the top horizontal bar is a passageway connecting it to other historical sites. 

A worker on the roof of a gas station

Marseille Cathedral

Notre-Dame de la Garde is the basilica that crowns the city.

Notre-Dame de la Garde (the pictures below were taken from the basilica, which sits at the top of the hill)

(You can see the Marseille Cathedral in the center)

(Wouldn't it be romantic to sit in a car on this parking lot that overlooks a vast expanse of the city of Marseille, with the sea in the distance~)


  1. You're so lucky to be studying abroad! And in France too! These are beautiful images.

    1. Indeed, I am vey grateful for the experience I was able to have abroad. And thank you very much!